Longest – burning light bulb 

Photo: Public sources

Thomas Edison would be proud of the 60-watt bulb hanging inside Livermore Fire Station No. 6 on East Avenue, known locally as the Centennial Light.
Why? It's been running since 1901! In 2015 Livermore celebrated it's One Million Hour Party!

Watch the documentary about the longest burning light bulb in the world here !!!

Manufactured by the Shelby Electric Company, the bulbs low wattage, vacuum-tight seal and constant power have likely contributed to its life span. During the past 117 years , the bulb has been turned off only four times due to necessity.

The Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It or Not! recognize it as the planets longest - burning light bulb.

Visiting: You can visit the bulb depending on the availability of the Firemen on hand. Go to the rear of the station and ring the bell. If they are in someone will answer the door. Otherwise you can see the bulb if you look through the window up on the top of the wall to your left. To contact them directly you may call the LPFD at (925) 454-2361.

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